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A car-naming picnic was held in 2004 in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. People all over the world suggested names. Picnic goers voted on a name while drinking Thums Up cola from India and eating a cake that looked like this:


Here's the complete list. Thanks to everyone -- from NYC, Delhi, Oman, London etc. -- who sent names.



"The Mahatma Rod"
In honor of Mohandas K. Gandhi



In honor of this Bollywood hottie

Click photo for an Aishwarya Rai fan club




Click to read about the bandit Veerappan



"The Barfi Mobile"

Click for a barfi recipe
(Name suggested by Katy McLaughlin)



"Aloo Jeera"
Say it fast and it sounds like a car

Click for recipe



"Ghee Whiz"
Ghee is clarified butter

Click to read an homage to ghee
titled ''Ghee-licious''

(Name suggested by Eleena de Lisser)



"The Viceroy"
In honor of the last British Viceroy

Click photo to read about Mountbatten



"Al Capone"
This was its nickname in Delhi

(Suggested by Mona, Muneeza and Rasul)



Rampyari is the Indian Rumplestiltskin

Click to read the Indian Rumplestiltskin fable
(Suggested by Mona, who once
had a car named Rampyari)




Click to read about the Koh-I-Noor diamond



"Bombay Sapphire"

(Suggested by Elaine Yau)



In honor of Sonia Gandhi



Her vehicle is a tiger

Click to read about the goddess Durga



"No-Radio Flyer"
Car has no radio, doesn't fly

(Suggested by Maureen Pesta)



"Chutney Chutney Bang Bang"

(Suggested by Haresh Patel



"Chutney Chutney Bhangra Bhangra"
Bhangra is dance music

(Suggested by Shanthi Kalathil and Lisa Silberlicht)



''Kali'' is a goddess; ''Gari'' means car

Click image for Kali's story
(Suggegested by Terin Miller)




(Suggested by Joe Dizney)



The car is from Agra

(Suggested by Wendy Pollack)



"Maharani Mobile"

(Suggested by Elizabeth Miller)



"Bindi Mobile"
Bindi is the forehead dot

Click to shop for a bindi
(Suggested by Diane Brady)




Click image for a history of Indigo dye
(or here for a fancy bar in Bombay)

(Suggested by Frank O'Hara)



After the starfruit

Click for starfruit facts
(Suggested by Shirley Brady)



"Salvador Thali"
Thali is a kind of lunch

(Suggested by Shirley Brady)



"Carma Chameleon"
The car is British and so is Boy George

(Suggested by Shirley Brady)



"Dilruba O' Dilruba"
My Sweetheart" in Hindi

(Suggested by Poonam Malhotra)



"Love of my life"

(Suggested by Poonam Malhotra)




(Suggested by Poonam Malhotra)



"Angrezi Babu"
"English gentleman"

(Suggested by Poonam Malhotra)



(More from Shirley Brady)

"Winston Marsala"
"Murgh Griffin"
"Uttar Madness"
"Naan Better"
"Tikka Look"
"Vauxhall Bhaji"
"Vaux Populi"
"Winston Vindaloo"
"Jesse's Lassi"



He said ''East is East and West is West,
and never the twain shall meet.''

(Suggested by George Matlock)



"Masala Mobile"

(Suggested by Pam Blamey)



"Driving Miss Delhi"

(Suggested by Rick Levinson)



"The Caste-Away"

(Suggested by Polly Berent)



"Rosy the Rickshaw"

(Suggested by Kerry Shannon)



"The Ganesh Expresh"

Click to read how Ganesh got his nose
(Suggested by Roberto Cipriano)



"Rikki Tikki Taxi"

(Suggested by Roberto Cipriano)



"The Carma Sutra"

Click to read about erotic temple sculpture
(Suggested by David Berestka)



"Jawacarlal Nehru"
Honoring the first Prime Minister

Click to read quotations by Jawaharlal Nehru
(Suggested by David Berestka)



"The Untouchamobile"

(Suggested by David Berestka)



"Apu Nahasapeemapetilon"
After the character on "The Simpsons"

Click to view a "Simpsons" parody
in which every character is Indian

(Name suggested by David Berestka)



"The Baghavad Cheeta"

(Suggested by David Berestka)



"Tandoori Fourdoor-y"

(Suggested by Paul Meltzer)



"Lincoln Subcontinental"

(Suggested by Paul Meltzer)



"The Urban Turban"

Click to see a movie showing
how to tie a turban

(Suggested by Tom Shannon)



"The Karmamobile"

(Suggested by someone at Glamour)



"Curry Not In a Hurry"

(Suggested by Rob Skiena)



"The Lama-sine"

Click to read how Jesse Ventura once asked
the Dalai Lama if he ever saw ''Caddyshack''

(Suggested by Rob Skiena)



"The Taj Me Haul"

(Suggested by Rob Skiena)



In honor of India's yoga-powered "superman"

Click for Shaktimaan's bio
(Inspired by Rasul Bailay)



"Vauxhall Roxy"

(Suggested by Eleena de Lisser)



"The Goa Way"

(Suggested by Roberto Cipriano)



"The Oven"
Because it doesn't have a/c

(Suggested by Bonnie Friedman)



"The Rajinator"

(Suggested by Ken Wells)



"The Cosmic Coach"

(Suggested by C.M. Ericsson)



"The Dharma Wheels"

(Suggested by Hugo Restall)




(Suggested by Tom and Dot Hoobler)



"Oh Carcutta!"

(Suggested by Jennifer Shaw Heller)



"India 500"

(Suggested by Elizabeth Seay
and Jennifer Shaw Heller)



"India Jones"

(Suggested by Jennifer Shaw Heller)



"The Speedy Sahib"

(Suggested by Elizabeth Seay)



"The Spirit of '47"
Since it was built in the year of India's independence

(Suggested by Elizabeth Seay)



"Dr. Sanyal"
Honoring the man who was the car's first owner

Click to see the original sales receipt
(Suggested by Elizabeth Seay)



"The Ganges Rover"

(Suggested by Kathy Deering)



"Bang a Door"
In honor of:

(Suggested by Jon Hilsenrath)



"Spirit of Vishnu"
Honoring the preserver of the
universe for preserving the car too

Click for a video of the car
being painted near a Vishnu statue

(Suggested by John Pesta)



Honoring Kipling

(suggested by Beth Bukowski)



"Bollywood Banger"
Banger is British slang for
"old car" (or so it's claimed)

(suggested by Sam Marshall)



"Hindi the Love Bug"

(suggested by Stefanie Ilgenfritz)



"Singh of the Road"

(suggested by Stefanie Ilgenfritz)




(suggested by Ken Wells)




Click to see the place where
Siddhartha became Buddha

(suggested by Ken Wells)



"Djarling Tea-Bird"

(suggested by Ken Wells)



"Unique Chicknagari"
Translation: ''uniquely smooth car''

(suggested by Gabrielle Ralte, who also
votes for Al Capone)



"The General Ghee"
In honor of ''General Lee'' from the Dukes
of Hazzard, and ''ghee'' (clarified butter)

Click for more about Bo,
Luke, Daisy and Uncle Jesse

(suggested by Beth Bukowski)



Another Bollywood hottie

Click for a Karisma fan club
(Suggested by Muneeza Naqvi who says
the list needs more Bollywood. She also votes
for ''Rampyari'' for sentimental reasons)



"The No-Rushdie"
It's a slow-moving car that's been to
England, India and NYC--just like Salman

(Suggested by Beth Bukowski)



"Thums Up"
After the popular Indian soft drink

(Suggested by Jenn Hsu)



"Bindi Bindi Bang Bang"
Bindi is the forehead dot

(Suggested by Meri-Jo Borzilleri)



"Ray Charles"

(Suggested by Liz French)



"Jalebi Jalopy"
Jalebi is a sugary snack

(Suggested by Sam Marshall)



"Pushpak Viman"
Honoring Lord Rama's flying machine

Click to read whether ancient Sanskrit texts
describe supersonic airplanes

(Suggested by Ve Ramakrishnan)



"Tiger Lily"

(Suggested by Kathy Deering)



"The Vaux Mahal"

(Suggested by Greg Roth)



"Reverse Outsourcing"

(Suggested by Greg Roth)



"Around the World in 80 Years"

(Suggested by Greg Roth)



"A Passage to I-95"

Click for a summary
of ''A Passage to India''

(Suggested by Bob Cashill)



"Ganges A Go Go"

(Suggested by Bob Cashill)



Honoring the Bond movie shot in India

Click image to see the movie location
(Suggested by Bob Cashill)



"The Indian Runner"
After a Sean Penn movie not set in India

(Suggested by Bob Cashill)



"The Bengal Tiger"

(Suggested by Bob Cashill)



"Bombay Bombshell"

(Suggested by Bob Cashill)



"The Calcutta Cruiser"

(Suggested by Bob Cashill)



"Delhi to Dumbo"

(Suggested by Bob Cashill)



"Currying Favor"

(Suggested by Bob Cashill)



Balti is a curry popular in the British
Midlands, heart of the U.K. car industry

Click for a balti recipe
(Suggested by Carol Kelly and Nic)




(Suggested by Bob Cashill)




(Suggested by Jonathan Karp)



"Maha Roger&Me"

(Suggested by Jennifer Shaw Heller)




(Suggested by Sandy Ward)



After the first Indian-designed car

(Suggested by Raju Narisetti)



"The Baghavad Ghia"
Karmann Ghia meets Bhagavad Gita

(Suggested by Marcus Brauchli)



"The BangaLorean"
Bangalore meets John De Lorean

(Suggested by David Poratta)




(Suggested by Carol Kelly)




(Suggested by Jill Barshay)